• ‘b’ of B in making on the line chart.
  • 2350 should not break in Sept.. Can sell puts @ 2400 and 2350 with SL at 2350 for Sept.
  • Sept and Oct will be spent completing ‘c’ of B and then around Diwali time the bigger ‘C’ will start for target of 2200 roundabouts.

tcs line chart



Sun Pharma seems to have completed a triple correction since its high of 1200.8 of April 2015.. So a downward trend of more than 27 months seems now over at 433. It can now swiftly rise firstly for a first target of 480, followed by next target of 566 and followed by next target of 627 and 740 (all these, provided 433 is not breached on downside, or else my counts are off. But at the risk of being wrong and calling a bottom in severe downtrend, these counts looks good to me.)SUNPHARMA