Bank Nifty–EOD 10.6.2015

Looks like ‘a’ of the corrective rise completed at 17782 today. Now ‘b’ should move towards 17450 in next 2 days and  then ‘c’ up should target 18100 level. 


With last week closing below LEMA, it is likely that ‘b’ might take more time and frustrate traders with sideways movement till end of this week. But will preferably close above LEMA this week.


Trade light and take small profits of 50 pts in correctives and sideways market.


Bank Nifty(5 Minutes)20150610230014


2 thoughts on “Bank Nifty–EOD 10.6.2015

  1. rashmiagarwal29 June 11, 2015 / 7:17 PM

    Hello harsh,wats next move in nifty and bank nifty as 17450 met n closed below it.also can you teach how to trade as I hv made big losses in nifty fno in June.regards

    • Harsh Mehta June 11, 2015 / 7:37 PM

      I am no expert. Even I follow Ilango Sir. Everyone of us have made losses. So stick to one or two simple methods. Limit your losses and stay away when you are not emotionally tuned for trading.

      There are no sure shot answers to trading. For e.g. today I did not expect this close at all. So will again have to take fresh view with new numbers.

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