Bank Nifty @ EOD 2.3.2015

Now last 3 days stupendous rise in BN and closure of positions by Call Writers today seen between 19000 and 20000 has forced me to look back at BN move from 9944 i.e. the larger 3rd wave.


Initially presumed larger 3rd as over at 20908, but now I see that it may very well have been only (iii) of iii. So from 18490, we are currently into the vth wave of iii That should target anything above 21500 in next coming days.


Bank Nifty(Daily)20150302215910


One thought on “Bank Nifty @ EOD 2.3.2015

  1. arvindkering May 21, 2015 / 7:33 PM

    Excellent analysis, How do I follow your blog? Please add me in your mailing address

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